5 Facts About Casey Goes Vegan

Hi everyone! I jumped into the vegan blogosphere rather quickly—after following so many creative and inspiring people on Instagram and YouTube, I couldn’t wait to jump into creating my own content. With this post, however, I want to take a few steps back and explain what drew me to this diet, lifestyle, and community!

  • I cut out animal products about three months ago. Food has been the easy part of this—aside from a few misread ingredient lists and my inability to say no when others offer me food, I’ve done really well! Lately I’ve been working on changing my other buying habits as well. I have a few bath and body products that I’m working my way though, and I’m excited to try vegan alternatives when they run out!
  • I’m a writer. You can find links to most of my published work on my portfolio website, csywlkr.com. Fair warning: I wrote for a cheese magazine (yes, that exists) so there’s a lot of dairy content up there. Some of my creative writing (personal essays and poetry) have been published online and in print as well! I love writing research-based nonfiction essays that include a personal element or angle.
  • I work at a fry restaurant. For a good portion of the week, you can find me behind a counter, whipping around baskets of deep fried food or hunched over a board assembling sandwiches. I love my job, though it can get a little crazy on the weekends!
  • I currently live in Boston, but I grew up in Washington State. I was actually born in California, but have no memories from when I lived there. I came to Boston for college (graduated this past May) and will probably be here for another six months at the most. I don’t quite vibe with the East Coast, but have enjoyed my time living here.
  • I’m a classically trained cellist. When I was younger, I planned on attending a conservatory and having a career in classical music. The more steps I took towards that dream, the more I realized that I wasn’t really cut out for the world of performance. Music requires a lot of discipline, patience, and hard work outside of rehearsals and performances. Sixteen year old me was dealing with way too much depression and anxiety to handle that! I still have my cello and I play occasionally to keep up my chops.

I hope you got to learn a little bit more about me! I’m planning to create and really stick to an organized posting schedule for the month of December and going forward, so stay tuned!


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