I started this blog to post recipes and connect with the vegan community! Changing my eating habits from those of a stressed-out student to a plant based diet has made a world of difference in my life and health. A line cook during the day (and often at night, to be honest) and a freelance writer on the side, I lead a busy lifestyle and need a diet that can help me keep up with all of that.

On this blog, I post recipes along with thoughts about relevant books and news. I’m vegan for the animals, the environment, and my health—but I also want to focus on fighting the ways humans are exploited by our global food system. Gardening and farming are also huge interests of mine, and I will be WWOOFing in Maine during the second half of October. I love reading, biking, and of course cooking.

Shoot me a message if you want to connect!

You can see my published work on my professional website, csywlkr.com.